The top feeder is placed on the top super and underneath the top cover, where it is secured against invasion.

The feeder has a total capacity of 3 liters of syrup. It has four compartments, each of which has the capacity of 0,75 liters of syrup providing beekeepers with the opportunity to feed the colony depending on their needs.

The bees’ access to the feeder compartments is provided through the holes located right under the feeder, allowing simultaneous access for a large number of bees.

The textured surface in the compartments furnishes the bees with proper traction which prevents them from drowning in the syrup.

Feeder compartment caps are used for liquid feeding and confine the bees to their eating area where there are no open pools of syrup for them to drown in. The caps must be removed when switching over to solid feeding.

Monitoring and refilling the feeder can be done without opening the hive, which means the bees and the hive atmosphere aren’t disturbed.

The feeder also acts as an inner cover providing the correct bee space which prevents the bees from sealing it with propolis or filling it with extra wax combs on the top super and this keeps the top cover from sticking to the frames

The vent slots located around the feeder help draught free air circulation within the hive.