Polyurethane hive includes all components below:

① Top Cover
② Top Feeder (3 lt of total capacity)
③ 20 Frames
④ 1 Super
⑤ Queen Excluder
⑥ 1 Brood Box
⑦ Entrance Reducer
⑧ Hive Entrance
⑨ Pollen Trap
⑩ Screened Bottom Board
⑪ Pollen Tray
⑫ Drawer

• It is designed base on Langstroth beehive dimensions.

• The top cover, brood box, super, bottom board and frames are made of rigid polyurethane, and the other parts of the hive are made of polypropylene. Wooden frames are also available.

• The thickness of the hive bodies is 30 mm.