The bottom board has a full-length screen floor and a drawer beneath it. The screen floor allows any mites or debris to fall out of the hive and separates them from the bees. Varroa mites falling on the drawer are unable to reintegrate themselves into the colony. The drawer catches what falls from the hive, providing beekeepers with information about what is going on inside the hive.

The pollen trap can be turned on and turned off without being removed from the hive. İt is inserted in its slot in the screened bottom board, creating a new entrance between screen floor and the trap. While collecting pollen, the entrance reducer is slid down to open the entrance below the pollen trap so that the bees are forced to go through the trap. The pollen trap has round openings which prevent bee injuries while stripping pollen from them. To stop collecting pollen the entrance reducer is slid up to its original position. The pollen tray placed on the bottom drawer allows beekeepers to collect fresh and clean pollen.